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iEmpty - How to customize your iphone home screen no jailbreak needed (Image number 15) iEmpty - Iphone springboard customization without jailbreak (Image number 10) iEmpty - Ipod touch springboard customization with transparent icons (Image number 12)
  • How does it works ?

    iEmpty allows you to add "empty spaces" to your iPhone or iPod Touch home screen ("springboard"), by adding on it special Safari bookmarks (with an icon reproducing your home screen background, and without any text).

    ...So you can put your app icons where you want on your home screen, leaving "blank spaces" between them... wihtout the need to jailbreak your iPhone ! (for jailbroken devices, you can use "iBlank" or "GridLock" apps). Indeed, Apple doesn't allows this natively on iOS...

    You just have to go to this page (from an iDevice) and choose the icon type that best fit your needs. Then follow the instructions given on each page.
    You will finish to be on a "Add Icon" page showing the icon you are about to add. This is the page you have to bookmark on your home screen to add an empty space on it !

    For further details and help about the steps to perform, please read the contextual help sections integrated at the bottom of each page.

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